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A construction sign in front of the shell of a detached house. Stricter real estate credit rules could slow down the procurement process. has more information

Funds for commercial real estate and land

Funds for commercial real estate and land

With a real estate loan one finances for its enterprise the purchase, the building or the renovation of real estates and the land purchase. You can make the credit a flexible structuring. Among other things, we pay attention to the tax aspects and the preservation of the liquidity situation of your company. Interest: With a real estate loan you get a fixed interest over the contractually stipulated time.

Collateral: The registered land charges of the property serve as collateral for the real estate loan. Similar to personal loans, this real estate loan is a long-term financing with a fixed repayment term and low repayment installments. With this form of credit, you get a non-repayable loan at a fixed rate with a maturity of one day to twelve months.

At the end of the deadline you pay back the amount of money you have borrowed. For a framework loan, a certain maximum amount is set as a line loan (global limit), up to which you have money available through the loan within a certain period of time. The EU, the state, the federal states and the funding institutes promote your project in a variety of ways in all phases of the company and in various investment projects.

The loan is often repayable in the first years.

The loan is often repayable in the first years.

Equity supports companies in expanding or acquiring businesses. Often, public subsidies are not granted directly to businesses, but are requested and processed through the in-house commercial bank. For the granting of a loan, Astro Finance needs collateral in case the loan is not repaid.

In the case of a real estate loan, the property or land itself serves primarily as collateral. The real estate loan is granted on the basis of an estimated value, which is determined for rental properties, eg according to the yield method.

Switzerland is attached to 1.5 times the gross domestic product of real estate loans in Switzerland.

Even though the Swiss housing market is gradually recovering, the debt ratio – that is the ratio of mortgage debt to gross domestic product (GDP) – has continued to rise. However, the proportion of mortgage claims on gross domestic product rose from 47% to 146% over the same period, according to the big bank Credit Suisse. “The question of which amount of the debt ratio can be classified as problem-free and which as threatening, but is not so easy to answer,” the continuation.

With a total credit ratio of 146%, this threshold has already been clearly breached.

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