Know what are the rights of the indebted consumer

Consumers who have lost control of their accounts and ended up with the dirty name also have their rights guaranteed. Under the law, companies may request credit protection entities such as Good Finance and Good Lender to include the consumer’s name on the delinquent list from the first day of late payment.

Therefore, here is a list of some rights that are important for the consumer to take note of. And if you are in this situation take advantage of the tips to not get into even more debt.

Don’t be exposed to ridicule while charging


To avoid any kind of vexatious situation, the Consumer Protection Code makes it clear that this type of charge is a crime. This goes for any kind of embarrassment that may expose the consumer, such as calls at work or after hours, leaving messages with acquaintances or even letters in which the envelope reveals that it is a debt collection.

Renegotiate the debt

Renegotiate the debt

Moreover, it may seem obvious, but many indebted consumers believe that they do not have the right to renegotiate the (often very high) interest rates at which they find themselves.

It is possible to renegotiate with the bank itself or in another, as the borrower prefers.

Clear information

Also, interest, penalties, fees, corrections. There are so many calculations that it is extremely easy for those unfamiliar with this kind of situation to get lost. Precisely so that the consumer does not get injured, it is a right that all information used in a negotiation is presented clearly.

Before signing any agreement, read all the information carefully, check the amounts, interest rates and make sure that agreement fits in your pocket.

Not everything can be pledged


At some point, if the consumer does not pay the debts, his property will be pledged.

It turns out that not all assets can be taken from the debtor’s assets. There is a guarantee provided by law that the salary, the only property in the family, furniture and household items (refrigerator, stove, for example), and savings of up to 40 minimum wages that are prior to debt, cannot be pledged.

So now that you know your rights as indebted, don’t go through any unnecessary embarrassment.

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